Plumbing Corrosion

Plumbing corrosion can be caused from many different factors. The corrosion is usually noticeable on the pipe connections above your water heater. When you see corrosion similar to the picture below it could be from the solder flux or electrolysis. If you notice that your electric is grounded to the copper pipe similar to the picture below then electrolysis could be the cause. Most electrolysis is caused by two UN-alike metals coming together; like copper and galvanized fittings. Plumbing pipe corrosion is the gradual destruction of materials, (usually metals), by chemical reaction with its environment. Homeowners see plumbing corrosion quite often when looking at their plumbing in their home. They don’t think about what problems the corrosion can cause until their life is suddenly put on hold with a water leak from the corrosion. Since you are reading this you are probably experiencing some sort of plumbing problem. You have made a good choice to research a solution of what could be causing the plumbing corrosion.

Plumbing Corrosion from the Soil

plumbing corrosionIn Texas and other southern States most of the older homes have copper tubing under the concrete slab. Copper tubing is placed in the soil where some types of minerals can cause plumbing corrosion. These minerals can cause electrolysis between the soil and the pipe. Sometimes electricians ground the house electrical ground on the copper pipe. When the electric is grounded to the copper plumbing pipes it can cause problems. The pipe in the soil can corrode in different types of soil minerals enhanced by the electrolysis caused by the electric grounding. Also, if lightning strikes the electrical service, the charge from the lightning can come into the pipes through the electric grounding wire seeking the ground. If the pipes are near a re-bar under the concrete slab this electric charge sometimes makes a hole in the pipe arcing across to the re-bar causing a slab leak or additional plumbing corrosion.

Plumbing Corrosion Repairs

Arlington Plumbing VideoWhen you have visible plumbing corrosion on your plumbing pipes, it may be time to call a plumber. A plumber can help you to assess the situation and make suggestions to extend the life of your water heater or other pipes. Electrolysis and plumbing pipe corrosion also can cause your water heater tank to deteriorate faster. If you know that your electric system is grounded to the copper plumbing, you should call an electrician and get them to move that to a proper electrical ground rod. Call us if you suspect your plumbing corrosion needs repair or has caused a slab leak. It is always better to repair the problem before it causes more structural damage with plumbing corrosion

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